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Reality is but one of the three planes of existence and the paranormal
turn out to be very real, residing in one of them.

“Eye Can See You” follows the story of Aiya Yoshida, a girl who possesses
a magic ancestral eye that allows her to see spirits.

She enters a new school and encounters spirits, who haunt Kyosei High on a daily basis.
But it turns out that not all of them have good intentions,
thus giving a new whole meaning to “surviving high school”.

Will Aiya be able to solve the mysterious deeds of her schoolmates?

Who knows, she might find things tied to her curse in more ways than she initially thought…

  • 2 hours of demo gameplay filled with twists and funny moments
  • A compelling story with paranormal, historical, and mythological aspects
  • Psychological horror and gore
  • Great voice-over in Japanese
  • Three romance routes (?)
  • Multiple choices that truly matter
  • Characters full of life (most of them) and personality
  • Cute original character art

Warning: Viewer discretion is advised.

Gameplay features the following:

  • Horror content such as blood and gore.
  • Heavy content such as suicide and violence.
  • Flashing images and mild jumpscares


Aiya, Yoriko and Haruki: Amna

Kai and Yoichi: Zaikuza

Haru: Ser4phic

Souta and Kenji: Akahoshi Hikaru

Ren: AJ Sparks


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Please use the following email to contact me, whether for bug reporting or anything else: thegongonstudio@gmail.com.

StatusIn development
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(23 total ratings)
AuthorGongon Studio
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Made withRen'Py
TagsCreepy, Dating Sim, Female Protagonist, Horror, Mystery, Otome, Psychological Horror, Romance
Average sessionA few hours


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Waaaa!!! I just played through the new version, and all of the options,  and it's SOOOO good! you've improved the game a lot :D!

I'm still very excited to see how the whole VN turns out and honestly can't wait for more of the story! I wish you the best of luck!!! 

p.s. live love laugh Kenji

Hey Ray! 😊 So glad to get amazing feedback on the hard work I've put on during these last months! Thank you so much for sticking up with us and I also wish you the best!

(on another note, I'm very happy to see how much of a following base Kenji-kun seems to have! Protect him at all costs!)

Just finished Chapter 1, which did a great job of setting the stage and introducing the cast of characters. I enjoyed the school life portion and seeing Aiya navigate her high school, while dealing with her past trauma and her abilities. Aiya seems very relatable so far. The cast was very loveable, from the silly Manga Club members to Aiya's possible two new female besties. Kenji was so adorkable and my favorite so far.

The spooky bits were really well done! The bad ending made me :screamface: and gave me a glimpse into the overarching mystery. I think my only critique would be that it would have been more meaningful if a certain choice impacted that sequence of events more - otherwise it seems redundant.

I haven't played an episodic release before so am unsure how the save sequences work...? I'm assuming the little sounds we hear when making a choice relate to affection or some other plot thing, so they carry forward with future chapters?

All in all, really looking forward to experiencing the rest of the story!

Hey misobuttercornramen! Thank you so much for playing and for the kind words. So glad you liked the first chapter! Yes, much more will be uncovered in upcoming chapters in the final game. 😊 (ps: I agree, Kenji deserves the world)

This game looks so cute
I already want the full game, and so much care that you put here, thanks for this!

Oooh~, those are some of the most cute words I've ever received about my game! Thank you so much for playing it, Nierty! I'll continue to do my best to release something still worth of your admiration😊

I really like this game so far! the art is just so *chefs kiss*

and oh my god THE CHARACTERS I LOVE THEM!!! (Kenji is my favorite ofc LMAOO)

great game overall, i've played through it maybe twice? i am very excited to see how the final full version of this VN plays out! :)

Hii Ray! So happy to hear you enjoyed both the characters and the art 🌸 Kenji is a cinnamon roll, I see why he's your favorite 😊Thank you so much for playing it! 

This demo was so much fun! The story is very intriguing, the art is so simple but cute, the music is very beautiful (especially the club room music), the background art is very well done too! I look forward to the full release!

Hi Angel! 🌸 Thank you so much for playing the game!

I'm happy that you liked all of these elements, as I tried my best to curate and create the best assets for Eye Can See You 🌸

Can't wait for you to play the full game!


Everything about this game is so fun and cute!!! ❤️❤️

The characters bring so much life into the story and omgg I love all their sprites 😭❤️ The animations are perfect and so fun!!

I'm loving the story so far. The mystery got me very interested to see what is going to happen in the next chapters (I really want to know who is dead and who's not 👀). The horror is perfectly balanced too. It's so good!

Also, the soundtrack is so good too!! I love it! 🥺👌

I'll be looking forward to the next chapters 🤗❤️


Hey demonbear🌸So happy you had a great time playing the game, cause that's what I was aiming for! Thank you so much! We're counting on you to unveil the mystery when we release the full game! Until then, follow us on twitter to stay updated😊

(3 edits) (+1)

This game is excellent! I really enjoyed playing the demo, and am super curious where it goes next.

I LOVE the flat coloring, it's beautiful and stylish with the bright colors and use of shapes. Everyone's hair is so beautiful, and I love the facial expressions! I love the music as well, especially the clubroom song. <3 Seriously listening to it on loop while I write this, its SO GOOD.

I'm not usually into school settings, but this is honestly super cute. I love the interactions with all Aiya's friends, they are all interesting characters in their own right and the dialogue between them is really well done. Aiya herself is darling, and I like the LIs so far (Haru is the best though: seriously, have you seen this gorgeous nerd blush?! <3)

Overall a really great demo, and I am really excited for the full game!

Spoilers below the line!


OMG, Ren was horrifying and I loved it. The chase scene was excellent as was the horror in being caught, and its interesting how a certain three showed up after her death. The aesthetics of the horror bits and the contrast with the bright normal sections was just perfect.

Omg naturephoenix💕So many thanks for playing the game and for using such kind words while describing it! Also, I agree, Haru is indeed a cutie🌸 I'm very glad you enjoyed both the cute setting and the horror as it was what I was aiming for! 

It was good <3 I like the art style and the plot

Hi MyKawaiiPanda! Thank you so much! It makes me so happy that so many people seem to like the art.

I love the art style which is really cute 😋 and the story is amazing😍🤩


Thank you, Crystal! We're so happy you enjoyed both!

Really good game! Excited to see how it develops. The art style is cute, I love the emotive animations, and the story definitely has me hooked. Only bad(?) remark is that the last ghost scene hurt my eyes to look at with all the flashing. Maybe have an option to have rapid flashing disabled? 

Hey Darkpetal! 

We're so glad you enjoyed playing our game! Also, thank you for the sugestion! ;) We'll make sure to look into it.

I'm glad this was noted in the comments as I am photo sensitive and those induce migraines for me. =^.^=

If the flashing effects can be disabled as an option that would be amazing <3 
I second this suggestion 

Beside this, I really love the art style and music. 

Keep up the good work :D

Hi Lawrichai, thank you for playing and for the kind words!
Yes, we're seriously going to follow these recommendations as it is for the best!

Deleted post

Hey Mana! Thank you so much for finishing the first chapter!
Regarding your curiosity about the characters, I got you!
Make sure you follow our Twitter as I'll be posting some character cards with extra information about each one of them.

(Regarding the warning, as a person who herself gets jump scared a lot, I had to! )


The character art is really cute.

Honestly I was getting a little worried while playing, thought I was playing a harem game rather than horror. That ending really changes the mood, and really creates a monstrous tone to how the ghost can be. I really loved the death sequences, really enhanced the ghosts brutality by showing the removed eye! 

Can’t wait to see what happens, I really want to know why the ghost has a desire for Aiya’s eye, especially why Ren would be in such a ghostly visage when hunting you. I also like that I could only find one route to escape from Ren, it makes it feel like my choices matter in this game and that something as simple as reading a note can impact my path.

Hello Meeka! Thank you so much for playing our game! It means a lot to hear so many positive remarks in a review. We're very glad you've enjoyed Ren's killing spree! ;)